The Really Old Outfit Everyone's Suddenly Into Again

If we were to say to you "blazer and jeans," how would you respond? Recoil in fear of a first date where that once-promising Tinder flirt turned out to have somehow borrowed your dad's wardrobe? Or is it that you just can't remember the last time you wore such a simple look? Back in the noughties this easy two-step outfit was a tried-and-tested smart-casual go-to for girls who didn't do grunge and wanted to look professional at every turn—so why did we ever give it up?

Nowadays, in the face of endless trends, a very outré outlook for spring and a sea of bomber jackets, the old-fashioned duo may not seem like an obvious choice. But inspect the closets of today's key arbiters of style and you'll spot this classic combo making a triumphant return. Pernille Teisbaek is doing it. So is Caroline Issa. Add in model Sasha Luss, Chiara Ferragni, Linda Tol, and, oh, just a little-known lady you may have heard of—Alexa Chung. 

The 2016 update lies in the pieces themselves: These are no ordinary pinstripe office-appropriate jackets or basic skinny jeans. We're talking about velvet, embroidered or patterned tailoring set against raw-edged, straight-leg jeans. If ever an outfit provided 24/7 support, this is it. 

Scroll down to see and shop the blazer and jeans styling tricks we're into…

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