6 Spring Blazer-and-Legging Outfits That Are Perfect for Wearing Right Now

If you can’t figure out what to wear right now, don’t worry—you’re not alone. Many of us are feeling the same way, especially since spring is in full swing one minute and the next it’s time to bring those wool coats out again. It’s during these awkward transitional times that I like to turn to my most reliable outfits, which help me look effortlessly chic and feel my best, no matter the weather.

When in doubt, simple and effective is my motto, and recently, the look I’ve been reaching for over and over is the classic blazer-and-legging combo. It’s comfy thanks to the leggings and polished thanks to the blazer, which just so happens to also be the perfect spring layer. So really, it’s a win-win, and the best part is that this pairing can be reimagined in so many different ways to keep it feeling fresh all season.

Below, I’ve found six blazer-and-legging looks that feel especially current. They range from celebrity-inspired to influencer-approved, but they all involve minimalist (read: easy to style) combos that you can throw on in the morning while waiting for the warmth of summer to hit.

Whether you prefer boots, heels or flat shoes; tweed, classic or leather blazers; stirrup, split-hem or standard leggings, there’s outfit inspo here to suit everyone’s taste. (You can even put some of these outfits together with pieces you already own.) Plus, each outfit can take you from meetings to after-work drinks with hardly any effort.

Keep scrolling to see just how versatile this outfit combo can be. You can also shop each outfit in case you spot anything you’d like to copy!

1. Camel Blazer + Ankle Boots

Blazer and Legging Outfits Spring



2. Leather Blazer + Mules

Blazer and Legging Outfits Spring



3. Check Blazer + Belt + Flip-Flops

4. Tweed Blazer + Mules

5. Cream Blazer + Ribbed Vest + Knee-High Boots

6. Leather Blazer + Striped Jumper + Loafers

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