Shop the Most Affordable Pieces from Blake Lively's Tour of Outfits

This story comes with a pretty obvious caveat: When you're Blake Lively, the term "afforadble" means something completely different compared to how the average person might perceive it. When you regularly step out wearing every designer from Marc Jacobs to John Galliano, anything that comes in under about $500 is considered a steal. (Lucky girl!)

To that end, we figured out the least expensive pieces Lively wore throughout her insane outfit tour last week—you might recall that she wore 15 looks in two days. From heavily discounted vintage Charlotte Olympia shoes to an under-$200 tracksuit, Lively's outfits actually served up a hefty amount of approachable goodies.

Keep scrolling to see and shop the most affordable pieces from Blake Lively's grand tour de outfits!