Blair Waldorf Quotes That Prove She's Still the Life Coach We All Need

In modern times, Blair Waldorf’s Gossip Girl style has become the blueprint for what everyone outside of Manhattan's most prestigious postcodes imagines Upper East Side style to be. But recently, her noughties wardrobe has enjoyed somewhat of a revival all over the globe. We’ve noticed very Blair-appropriate pleated skirts, embellished headbands and berets being borrowed by both designers on the runway and even street style It girls. Which got us to thinking. Blair wasn’t just the owner of an iconic wardrobe, she was also the kick-ass life coach we totally all needed—albeit with a Machiavellian edge. So it makes sense that her savvy wisdom, just like her wardrobe, still holds true nearly six years after the show aired its final run. If you enjoyed her quips and world-weary outlook as much as us, you’ll definitely want to bookmark what’s coming next.

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