There Will Soon Be Birkenstock Boots, Socks, Sneakers, and More

Regardless of how you feel about Birkenstocks, they're seemingly here to stay—the '90s sandals have seen a fashion world-approved resurgence over the past year or so, with major brands like Céline, Isabel Marant, and Tibi creating Birkenstock-inspired sandals of their own. 

And in a new interview with The New Yorker, some of Birkenstock's top executives revealed that the brand has no plans to retreatin fact, quite the opposite. They want the Birkenstock to extend far beyond the world of sandals and clogs.

"I use ‘Birkenstock’ as a verb," David Kahan, of Birkenstock’s American division, told The New Yorker. "We did a sneaker bottom for spring—sneakers are a hot trend in the market, so we Birkenstocked it. We Birkenstocked Doc Martens; we Birkenstocked a motorcycle boot."

That's right: Birkenstock is working on producing sneakers and moto boots with a distinctly Birkenstock slant. Also in the pipeline: socks specifically designed to be worn with the classic Birkenstock sandalssomething previously considered to be a sartorial no-no—and, apparently, a line of mattresses.

Head over to The New Yorker to read the rest of the fascinating piece, and leave your thoughts on Birkenstocks in the comments below!