These Shoes Were By Far the Best Purchase I Made in 2020

With a lack of activities taking place outside our homes other than a daily walk, slippers have become the new status symbol. Okay, we might still dream about wearing pink high heels to a bar one day, but right now, a really great pair of shoes you only wear in the home is mandatory. Personally, the best ones I've come across are the Birkenstock shearling sandals. While not strictly a pair of slippers, they're ideal for walking around the house without feeling like you're ready for bed (an important distinction to make when you're trying to be productive). I spotted these shoes years ago knocking around on Instagram. Initially, I wasn't totally convinced by them (who wears fluffy sandals!) but when this situation becomes our new normal, it made sense to invest in a pair of slippers that I completely love.

And what a great decision it has been. I've worn them every day since I bought them which has been about five months so far. It would have been longer but I had to wait for my size to come back in stock, which made me realise that I'm not the only one who was after a pair. My intel over at Birkenstock tells me that the shearling styles kept selling out last year, especially before Christmas, and they sold out completely in stores (when we could still go in them, of course). 

If I needed further proof that these sandal-slippers are popular, when I posted the shoes on my Instagram account four months' ago, I had a lot of responses mainly that they too wanted the same slippers. If you're already considering purchasing a pair, before you take the plunge, you might want to be reassured that you can wear these with your usual WFH looks. Of course they work with joggers and PJs, but I think it's helpful you can see that they can work with an array of other looks. 

birkenstock shearling: elinor block wearing birkenstock shearling arizona sandals with jeans and a denim jacket



Style Notes: I love the looser, slouchier silhouettes in jeans for for 2021. Here I'm wearing a cropped grey sweater with a denim jacket over the top. I find wearing cropped jumpers gives the illusion I'm a little taller than my 5'3'' height. And no, I'm not against matching my socks to my jumper. 

birkenstock shearling: elinor block wearing a blue dress with birkenstock shearling



Style Notes: On colder days, the Birkenstocks really come into their own. Here I'm wearing a knitted dress with a chunky jumper over my shoulders (which I find can get extremely cold in the afternoon) and blue socks. 

birkenstock shearling: elinor block wearing a pair of adidas trousers with a black jumper and birkenstock sandals



Style Notes: For more casual outfits, I like to up the ante when it comes to accessories. Here I've added a belt to give this outfit a bit more shape and a pair of gold hoops. 

birkenstock shearling: chloe forde wearing the birkenstock shearling clogs



Style Notes: Stylist Chloe Forde pairs her Birkenstock shearling clogs with joggers and a cream jumper. 

I also reached out to my former colleague, Chloe Forde, a stylist and founder of brand Ace & Prince, as I know she's also a big fan of the shearling shoes. She told me that "Birkenstock is my dream shoe, for all times of the year and, quite frankly, all occasions"

"Whether it be the mule, the sandal, fur-lined or rubber, I’m totally down. A tan-coloured suede option took me through the summer months, and as it gets a little colder, I like to rotate the fur-lined mule or I add a cashmere sock to the classic sandals. Being home so much more (cheers to the pandemic), a shoe that feels almost like a slipper is definitely a win-win."

Keep scrolling to see how others are wearing similar shearling sandals and then keep going to shop the best Birkenstock shearling shoes available now. 

Style Notes: Who What Wear U.S. editor Nichole Akhtarzad wears her black shearling Birkenstocks with black jeans and a grey overshirt. 

birkenstock shearling: influencer ems wells wearing a pair of blue jeans with beige jumper and mango shearling sandals



Style Notes: Okay, these aren't Birkenstocks but a similar version. Ideal for wearing with blue jeans and a beige jumper. 

Style Notes: Loungewear vibes from Ellie Delphine of Slip into Style.

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