Inevitable? Closed-Toe Birkenstock Clogs Could Be a Thing

If you were to look down at the feet of a slew of fashion girls over the last few years, you'd undoubtedly spot a pair (make that pairs) of Birkenstock sandals. In fact, the two-strap slingers were so popular that it seemed every time we featured them, they flew off the virtual shelves! Now there's a new—well, actually old—style of Birkenstocks ready to step up as the shoe silhouette of the season: the Boston clogs.

For her first day on the job at Instagram (yep, she's always been ahead of the crowd), Eva Chen posted this photo of herself wearing the #throwback kicks, with the caption "Okay, I know these shoes will be divisive… but they are coming back, resistance is futile! Don't try to fight it." We didn't then, and we won't now. We remember wearing this style in the '90s and are more than ready to test it out again—who can deny the sheer comfort of a Birkenstock, after all? The only issue: The shoes are selling out super fast.

Keep scrolling to see how Eva Chen styled hers, and shop a few Boston clogs that are still available below.


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