Legendary Photographer Bill Cunningham Passes Away at 87

The New York Times reports that Bill Cunningham has passed away at age 87 after a recent stroke. 

Cunningham spent nearly 40 years working as a fashion photographer for The New York Times. He became an integral and beloved part of the city's fashion scene—though, of course, his influence on the industry extended far beyond New York. "We all get dressed for Bill," Anna Wintour said in the 2011 documentary Bill Cunningham New York

Immediately recognisable by his signature blue jacket, bicycle and ever-present smile, Cunningham was a champion of individuality. "A lot of people have taste," Cunningham said in the documentary, "but they don't have the daring to be creative. Here we are in an age of cookie-cutter sameness. There are a few that are rarities—someone who doesn't look like they were stamped out of ten million other people looking all the same." 

Scroll down to see the touching ways the fashion industry is paying tribute to the legendary Bill Cunningham. 


"We all get dressed for Bill." ???? (????: @thecartorialist)

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