I'm Calling It—These Will Be the 9 Biggest Bikini Trends of the Summer

Unlike our contemporaries who live in warmer climates year-round, our window for bikini wearing is significantly smaller—usually two weeks in the height of summer when we jet off somewhere. Still, that doesn’t mean we can’t (and don’t) make the most of this opportunity when it presents itself. Arguably, we Brits might give our swimwear even more consideration, as our time in them is significantly shorter but, my, so sweet. 

Putting one-pieces to the side for a second, let’s concentrate on bikinis—specially the bikini trends 2022 has to offer. There can be a drastic shift between bikini trends year on year; for example, last year’s obsession with the ’90s high-leg silhouette seems to have quietened somewhat. So which bikini styles feel fresh for summer 2022? There are eight that I think are particularly noteworthy. Intrigued to see which made the cut? Scroll on to see how bikini trends have shifted in the last 12 months. 


Style Notes: Some bikinis are made for swimming in, and some are made to be seen in. This bikini trend? It’s absolutely the latter. 


Bikini Trends 2022: Asymmetric Tops



Style Notes: With a sporty flair, while at the same time, also feeling minimalist, asymmetric tops are consistent in their appeal amongst fashion types. 

Bikini Trends 2022: Neon Shades



Style Notes: Saturated shades are a huge trend this season, with dresses and suits in the brightest of pinks and hottest of oranges gracing the spring/summer runways. Swimwear is no exception either, with neon shades painting just about every bikini silhouette you can think of. 


Bikini Trends 2022: Ruched Halter



Style Notes: While halterneck bikinis are generally considered to be a classic swimwear option, this year, the straps have been moved to the centre of the bust, which in turn creates a gathered effect to the bikini bandeau. 


Bikini Trends 2022: Ring Details



Style Notes: Along with bigger updates, I’ve noticed that small detail tweaks are also coming through on swimwear this season—whatever the silhouette, ring details are proving prevalent. 

Style Notes: If full-on sequins seem a little extreme for you, then consider sparkly lurex textures, where fashion and practicality collide with beautiful, beach-ready results. 


Style Notes: We’ve all come to value comfort in our clothing, so it's little wonder that the same sartorial logic is being applied to swimwear. As such, lots of super-soft fabrics in uncomplicated silhouettes are beginning to emerge.


Bikini Trends 2022: Waist-Tie



Style Notes: As we’ve established, detail is key on swimwear this year, and one bikini style that’s showing no signs of slowing is the built-in tie waist. Only you can decide whether the tan lines are worth it. 

Style Notes: The bikini aesthetic that’s the antithesis of some of the above? Simple, pared-back bikinis in black.