Data Doesn't Lie—This Is the #1 Dress Trend of 2017

Allyson Payer

What trends are "going to be huge" is a phrase that's thrown around a lot at the start of each season. But what's most important is which of those trends women are buying and wearing, which is why we took great interest in a recent study conducted by the retail analytics experts at Edited. The study focuses on the pink trend that's seemingly everywhere right now. As it turns out, it's more of a merchandising trend than one people are buying in reality. Edited discovered that new arrivals and sell-outs of pink items are on the decline as of late. For the study, they compared the pink trend to other spring trends, and one particular dress trend came out on top, and it happened to be one that Sienna Miller wore to her latest film premiere this week: ruffled dresses. New arrivals of the trend are up by 295%, and sell-outs are up by 365% this year. It's not surprising, as ruffled dresses are perfect for warm-weather date nights and weddings, and there is a slew of gorgeous options on the market. Want to get in on the ruffled dress craze?

Keep scrolling to let Sienna Miller's gorgeous Chloé look inspire you, and shop some of our favorite ruffled frocks!

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