Big Boobs Deserve the Best Bras—Here's What We'd Recommend

If you're blessed with bigger boobs, you'll know how tough it is to shop for bras. While small busts tend to be able to wear anything—underwired, bralettes, you name it—those with larger breasts tend to seek out more substantial support. But where can you find supportive and pretty bras that also go up to the larger cup sizes?

I spoke to model Jada Sezer for her advice on where to shop the best bras for bigger boobs, and she came up with three ultimate rules, as well as the brands she always turns to when she wants new underwear. Sound like something you need to know? Keep scrolling for Jada's advice and to shop her key bras for bigger boobs.

#1: Put in the groundwork.

It's tempting to give up at the first shop, but you need to avoid doing that. And you don't want to just try on one bra in the shop: "I usually go into stores and try on hundreds of different styles," recommends Jada. So even if it takes longer, remember that you need to spend the time researching the best bras for you.

#2: Understand the biggest mistake everyone makes.

There's one big mistake we all make when shopping for bras, and people with bigger boobs are just as likely to do it. "I often try to squeeze into the same size across every range, but I have learnt each brand's sizing varies, so I don't ever fear going up or down a size to get the right fit," she notes.

#3: Getting properly fitted matters.

If there's one thing that will guarantee you get the perfect bra for you, it's getting someone to fit the bra on you. "Get fitted by a professional. Wearing a bra that actually fits not only stops overspilling but makes such a difference on your posture and poise and makes me feel more confident," says Jada.

Shop Jada's bra recommendations below

Something a bit sassier from Elomi, which offers sizes up to a G.

Debenhams has a great range of bras for bigger busts. This one in particular goes up to a size J.

For prettier looks, Curvy Kate has sizes that go up to a G.

Next up: Stand down. I've finally found the best strapless bras.

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