Beyonce Is Collaborating on a Pair of Shoes With a MAJOR Designer

Well, ladies and gents, it might only be Monday but we’ve got some news sure to keep you smiling all week. It appears that the queen of all queens—Beyonce, of course—will be collaborating on ONE pair of shoes with esteemed shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti. The pairing makes perfect sense, as Beyonce has long been a fan of his designs and Zanotti himself is the go-to for celebrities with hip-hop credibility. To wit, he is name-dropped in songs by everyone from Nicki Minaj to Pusha T

But Zanotti-fandom aside (and the man is seriously talented), the real thrill here is the prospect of some Beyonce-designed soles. In an interview with Forbes, Zanotti revealed, unsurprisingly, that she “has very clear ideas. She knows what she wants.” And how does she compare to other celebrities? “Few are like Beyonce. She’s complete,” the designer, who has previously collaborated with the likes of Kanye West and Kid Cudi, pointed out. 

The only hint we get as to what the sure-to-be-coveted pair will look like is a reference to “ultra-thick platform stilettos,” so they might not be suitable for the everyday life of the BeyHive. But who would expect a quiet shoe from Beyonce? And besides, we’re bound to welcome whatever she delivers with wide-open arms. 

Check out the full article over at Forbes and let us know your predictions for the final shoe style in the comments!

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