Happening: A Skyscraper Inspired by Beyoncé's Curves

Everything: An Australian architect has conceived a skyscraper inspired by Beyoncé and her dancers in her music video for "Ghost." [Dezeen]

Unbelievable: The U.S. women's soccer team have just won the World Cup, but FIFA is only paying them a fourth of what the men's soccer teams make when they lose. [ThinkProgress]

You've got (seriously stylish) mail: Meg Ryan has been attending the haute couture shows in Paris this week. [Elle]

How to recover from the Fourth of July: Spend the weekend partying? Here's how to de-puff and detox in a heartbeat. [Byrdie]

The rumour mill: Despite Alexander Wang's help in creating double-digit growth for Balenciaga, his contract with the Parisian brand may not be renewed. [Fashionista]

Shhh: These restaurants have the best secret menus in the U.S. [MyDomaine]

Meet kosmemophobia: There is a legit fear of jewellery experienced by thousands of people. [Refinery29]