Proof: Beyoncé Knows How to Vacation Better Than Any of Us

The queen and her court: Beyoncé is currently vacationing in Italy with Jay Z and Blue Ivy, and her photos prove she wins at taking lavish trips. []

Aww: Reese Witherspoon, Selma Blair, and Sarah Michelle Gellar had a little Cruel Intentions reunion. [Vanity Fair]

A rocker turn: Kim Kardashian wore a metallic T-shirt and a leather moto jacket. Rock on, Kim. [Vogue]

No biggie: Michael Jackson's insane wine country estate is now on the market for $100 million. [MyDomaine]

Tough love: Sometimes, the best fashion advice is the most brutal. [Dazed]

The beginning: Was Entourage what actually drove Los Angeles's fashion renaissance? []

Ommm: These meditation tips will help make you a better person. Promise. [Byrdie]