So That's What Beyoncé Would Wear If She Worked in an Office

Quite honestly, we can't imagine Beyoncé in an office—it wasn't something that had ever crossed our minds until last night. While we're used to her donning black leotards, Southern gothic dresses, and rocking Gucci like no one else, at the premiere of friend Usher's new film, Hands of Stone, we got to see what Queen Bey might actually wear if she was doing a straight-from-the-grind-to-a-night-out kind of thing.

Dressed in a grey pinstripe skirt suit, the singer topped off the workwear-friendly look with a pair of barely-there sandals and a load of delicate earrings. As a result, this is officially the new ensemble we want to wear in the boardroom ourselves come autumn. We might have scorned the twee two-piece for some time, preferring the more androgynous trouser suit, but we have a sneaking suspicion it's about to come back on our fashion radar. Click through our gallery to see Beyoncé in her all-business look and shop some similar items.

Beyoncé in her office-friendly outfit


Style Notes: The key thing is to keep it simple and don't clash the prints. The one time that matchy-matchy is okay.


Style Notes: The simple makeup and multiple earrings make this super chic. 

Grey doesn't have to be boring. This scalloped-edge jacket gives the classic tweed version a twist.

Similarly, this matching skirt keeps it interesting with the fun hemline. 

It's Chanel. Do we need to say anything else? 

You can wear this with you favourite pair of jeans and white T-shirt when you don't want to wear the matching skirt. 

Although we do love the idea of pairing the jacket with this too. 

Long live Gucci's fashion reign when we keep getting stuff like this.

That heart pattern though.

How do you feel about this look? Can you imagine wearing it to the office? Tell us in the comments!

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