This Jumper Trend Is 2020's Answer to "Dad" Trainers

There has been something of a resurgence of "ugly" buys in recent years. Dad trainers, which largely started to dominate in 2018, continue to be a strong sartorial vibe right up until summer hits, when the next footwear fixation comes into play: chunky-soled boots.

We've also witnessed the miraculous metamorphosis of knitted tank tops—of a similar ilk to those made famous by Chandler Bing—which have since become chic layering staples. So yes, "ugly" is no longer off-putting. And while this latest must-have buy isn't quite as iffy as those previously mentioned, it does fall into the same category. 

Whether they're jumpers with zips that stop halfway or reach all the way down to the hemline (or even the ones your dad used to wear on days out to the beach/to walk the dog/to BBQ in), these items keep cropping up on our Instagram feeds.

From the blogging elite (here's looking at you, Lucy Williams) to London It girls like Natasha Ndlovu and industry insiders like stylist Hannah Lewis, everyone is giving this dad jumper airtime right now. And you know what? While we were initially reserved, we've come to find it not only practical but also incredibly stylish. We particularly like it when those in the know unzip their turtleneck styles to the collarbone and layer any excess, unzipped fabric over the top of their outerwear.

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