Zara's Just Had a Party Dress Delivery—These 20 Are Worth Your Time

While some fashion trends seem to change like the wind, you simply cannot beat the timeless appeal of a killer party dress. Everyone can remember a moment in their lives when they felt like a million bucks, and more often than not, this memory tends to include a showstopping frock.

It might feel a little premature to start thinking about party season, but with most work parties happening in mid to late November, suddenly that big outfit decision is looking pretty imminent. That's where we come in. We noticed that Zara was looking particularly chic in the party dress area and, as a necessary public service, we thought we'd do a roundup our favourite looks.

While a few trends are featured (such as slip dresses and leopard print), we've purposefully picked dresses that will survive the season and serve you for years to come. Our party dressing rules? You can't go wrong with sequins and velvet, as they're both classics when it comes to after-dark dressing. Oh, and slinky, calf-grazing slips can also make for a sultry look.