9 Trends Zara Has Gotten So, So Right This Season

When we need a quick wardrobe refresh—something to reignite our fashion fire and make getting dressed exciting again—we know just where to turn: Zara. Always one of the first brands to pinpoint the season's top looks, Zara is known for starting trends, not merely following them. Right now, there are nine items that Zara is specifically getting right, all of which loan themselves very well to the summer 2021 aesthetic we're in the process of aligning our outfits to.

Claire wears a backless jacquard dress from Zara. 

We're in the midst of summer (what a summer it's turning out to be at that), and Zara has just made seeing out the next few months feel like a fun sartorial challenge rather than a slow descent into chillier climes. It's making the most of summer so we can make the most of summer. And for that, we're thankful.

As with many other high-street brands, Zara is making sure the '90s reign supreme right now across just about every product category. Instead of trudging up long-buried, cringe-worthy outfit flashbacks from our youth, Zara's taken the best of the decade and turned it into a very chic 2021 capsule, with pieces including oversized blazers (which look the throwback part paired with cycling shorts) and Carrie-esque square-toe sandals. Zara's typically muted colour palette has also had a refresh—sure, there's still plenty of beige to be had, but now there's a slew of saturated shades to choose from, too.

Keep scrolling to see the best Zara buys of the season, and shop them before they inevitably sell out.


Zara is always adept at coming up with covetable prints, and this summer, it's focused on scarf motifs. Notoriously difficult to get right, every scarf-print piece Zara has created looks so premium. What's more, they're all made from real silk. 


There's still time to update your sandal collection before the season is out, and if you haven't done so already, you won't be able to put a fashionable foot wrong should you opt for a square-toe pair. Though the trend originated on the runway, Zara has created the most impressive collection of square-toe sandals we've seen. Here's a mere taster. 


While it might not be considered a niche trend, fancy dresses were largely off Zara's radar last season, with the brand favouring pared-back knitted styles over them. Now though, Zara is bestowing us with so much sleek goodness—particularly by way of high-end-looking belted minis and midis. 


Zara began seeding out its crochet pieces back in the springtime, but now its new-in section is chock-full of the stuff. From traditional flower motifs to more contemporary patchwork looks, you needn't look anywhere else to get in on the handicraft trend. 


No well-rounded wardrobe is complete without a blazer or two, and while Zara always serves up excellent blazers, we think this drop might be the best yet. Silhouettes are slightly oversized, and fabrications are lightweight, making them so easy to wear and layer. 


There are certain details that make affordable handbags look as if they're designer, and chain straps are one of them. Look for quilted or mock-croc finishes to add extra polish. 


While pink is set to be one of the main colour trends for autumn, chances are you might already be fatigued by it, given the fact it's already been around for a couple of years. Grass green, however, feels so much fresher and is in plentiful supply at Zara right now. 


You don't need to be a devout fashion follower to know that wide-leg trousers are a big deal this year (which should come as no surprise given the fact that comfort is now one of our biggest shopping priorities). Cue Zara, which has some of the chicest of them all. 


Co-ords always make a comeback during the summer months, with Zara taking the printed approach with its offering. While there are skirt-and-top sets to choose from, these jacket-and-short pairings feel a little more directional. 

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