Update: I'm Still Addicted to Zara—Here's What I'm Buying Now



A while back, I came clean about my Zara obsession, and I'm here to update you on my current relationship status with the retailer. We are still going strong, visit each other on a regular basis, and continue to prove to each other that we're a great match. In addition to my own Zara journey going painstakingly well, many of you came forward after I talked about my obsessive Zara disorder via your interactions with the Instagram account my co-worker (and BFF) and I run, The Devils Wear Zara. Needless to say, it feels good knowing I'm not alone.

As you're probably well aware, Zara gets in tonnes of new products weekly, and keeping up with it all is overwhelming. However, thanks to my strange obsession, I have a knack for staying on top of the best new products pretty regularly, which is why today, I decided to share my most recent Zara purchases that I not only love but that also receive compliments every single time I wear them—and not just on Instagram.

From the kimono of my dreams to the new naked shoe trend Zara quickly jumped on, go on to shop the 10 Zara items I am so happy I added to my closet, in addition to the items currently in my shopping cart.