We Just Tried on All the Dresses In Zara, and These Are the Ones We Loved

You can count on Zara for a lot of things—low prices, last-minute pick-me-ups, and, weirdly, that perfect dress for £70. For our next dressing-room-diaries series in which my @DevilsWearZara co-founder, Mimi, and I head into Zara in both L.A. and New York to try on the newest product, we decided to focus on dresses. And I'm talking pretty ones. 

Normally, we only show you the pictures of the items we ended up buying (or at least adding to our immediate wish lists), but this time, we decided to be a little more candid. Ahead, you'll see a slew of dressing-room pictures featuring the pretty Zara dresses we loved, kind of loved and even hated a little. Now, the dresses we chose to try on are all ones we think are cute; some of them just didn't look right on us. That's what dressing rooms are for, no? Either way, we're here to officially let you know that the dress section at Zara is on fire right now, whether you agree with our reviews below or not.