Out of Hundreds of Zara Dresses, These Are the Only Ones I'd Buy This Summer

I feel like I know Zara's collection like the back of my hand—many an hour is spent studying the IRL and virtual rails of this Spanish high-street store's vast stock offering in order to bring you the tightest edit of what's actually worth buying. We all know Zara can knock it out of the ballpark when it comes to both classic, timeless pieces and trend-hitting ones, but (like any affordable retailer) there's a lot of sifting to be done when it comes to separating the fashionable wheat from the less-than-favourable chaff.

Right now, Zara is on a roll across multiple categories. Its shoe collections are out of this high-street world levels of excellence (yes, I own a pair of those strappies), but there's also a fabulous selection of capsule wardrobe pieces that will go the distance in both minimal and maximal wardrobes, as well as more cool co-ords that I can honestly convince myself that I need.

Most of all, it's the dresses on offer that has my Zara radar bleeping: There are luxe bohemian styles at the extreme end of the bank account-destroying spectrum (mostly thanks to the more expensive Studio line) but also a few affordable midis and minis that look beyond their deceptively wallet-friendly price tags.

I've already told you about the one Zara dress I cherry-picked for spring (it's the tie-dye style above, and many other girls I know have now picked it up too), so here's my strict edit for summer. Out of hundreds (maybe even thousands) of dress styles available online right now, these are the ones I'd actually have no qualms over buying—especially if I win the lottery this week. Wish me luck!

I can't wait until this is available. At the time of writing this story up, there was already a waiting list for it.

Club Tropicana florals you can wear in the city too.

I've seen this dress getting a lot of changing-room love on Instagram Stories.

Perfect for holiday packing.

It's pricey, but look at the detailing!

This has been a popular choice amongst influencers recently.

The kind of ultra-minimal style that could pass as being very expensive.

For sassy days at the office.

A cute and subtle wedding-guest option you can accessorise in thousands of different ways.

Oh, this? I picked it up in Bali, darling.

A trending items we've spotted on many a cool fashion girl already.

It's so plain that there's something very chic about this.

Next up, our team's summer dress edit.

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