16 Zara Pieces That No One Will Recognise (or Already Own)

The main (only?) downside to shopping at Zara is that items can often go everywhere, meaning that you quickly become tired of those pieces that you see every time you leave the house. There are, however, many stealthy buys from Zara that look on trend, but you'll still love them for several seasons, as they aren't as instantly identifiable.

Our editors believe that the trick to not buying the same pieces as everyone else from Zara is to avoid the bold statement pieces you'll find in the windows or placed at the front of the store. Instead opt for the more minimal, seasonless pieces, such as satin sliders, expensive-looking handbags or white shirts with interesting silhouettes. As ever, we've done the trawling for you, and we found 16 of the best pieces that you might overlook in your usual Zara shop.

Scroll through the gallery below to see 16 of the smartest buys from Zara that everyone won't have… yet.