I Practically Collect Zara Blazers—Here Are 26 New Styles I Really Rate

Zara Blazer: Jessica Skye wears a double-breasted cream blazer from Zara



Jessica Skye wears a double-breasted cream Zara blazer. 

You don't need to be a shopping editor to know that certain high-street stores do certain items best. Personally, I find Mango always has the strongest coats. Arket is where I automatically head to stock up on knitwear, and & Other Stories dresses are easily my favourite. As for Zara? While I could talk at length about its excellent shoe selection and could-be-designer arm candy, there's another piece for which the brand is known: blazers. 

Hannah Crosskey wears a navy-and-red checked Zara blazer. 

It's almost impossible to think of a time when blazers didn't dominate my wardrobe. Sure, I'd worn them at school. (I was probably one of the only students who dutifully did so and, dare I say, enjoyed it.) However, after I left high school and enrolled at art school, they served no purpose in my closet. That was until I landed my first magazine internship in London. Unlike my hometown, which, at the time, had no Zara to speak of, it felt as if there were a branch on every street corner. As such, during my four-week placement, my love of Zara only grew and grew, and subsequently, so did my blazer collection. 

For the purposes of this feature, I decided to count how many blazers I have in my wardrobe. In total? Thirteen. And how many of them are from Zara? Nine. This may sound excessive, but please bear in mind this collection is now 11 years in the making.

Lauren Çokgüler wears a faux-leather Zara blazer. 

With the power to dress up my jeans or give even my fanciest frocks an effortless spin, barely a day goes by when I don't reach for a Zara blazer. From the perfectly tailored and the oversized to bouclé weaves and faux leather, my collection of Zara blazers is as versatile as the brand's current line-up. On my wish list, you'll find a khaki belted number and a dark-grey houndstooth, double-breasted option, but rest assured there are plenty more where those came from.

Scroll below to see and shop the best new-season Zara blazers, and in the meantime, I'll get started on forming a Zara blazer appreciation society. 


I've had my eye on a faux-leather blazer from Zara for years. Shall I make 2022 the year I buy one? 

Belted blazers—a quick but effective update on the wardrobe staple. 

Who said your blazer needs to pass your hips? 

This blazer is a whole moment. 

I love the shortened lapels on this chocolate-brown blazer. 

This longline blazer also comes in black. 

Gold buttons always make blazers feel more elevated. 

Pair powdery tones with powdery tones to achieve this exemplary Zara styling. 

Houndstooth checks are trending for spring. 

I like the entire styling of this blazer look. 

This shade of blue looks so expensive worn with cream and tan. 

Another expensive-looking silhouette. 

I recommend sizing up in this blazer style. 

Already own a black faux-leather blazer? It’s time to level up to a chocolate shade. 

This Zara blazer feels very Gossip Girl (in the best possible way). 

The buttons make this the perfect after-dark or wedding-guest cover-up. 

At first glance, this looks like a basic blazer, but the lack of a collar makes it feel super directional. 

Zara really is upping the ante with its leather-blazer offering—again, I enjoy the gold buttons on this style. 

I’m always drawn to burgundy tones. 

The contrast buttons on this pastel-blue blazer stop it from becoming twee. 

Is it a blazer, or is it a dress? Who cares when it looks this good?

There are so many great linen pieces in the Zara sale—this being one of them. 

This post was originally published at an earlier time and has since been updated. 

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