The Best Yoga Leggings to Carry You From Sofa to Shavasana

People (and when I say people, I mean yogis) can be quite tribal when it comes to their choice of leggings. It seems to be the unsaid rule that those who devote themselves to Downward Dog have a loyal affiliation with a certain brand, be it sporty Nike, colourful Sweaty Betty, or classic Lululemon. This was certainly the case when I did a quick survey of the Who What Wear team, and while many admitted to owning styles from two or three brands, they still tended to not deviate much from their core faves.

Leggings for working out:
Best yoga leggings



And why am I banging on about the politics of yoga leggings? Well, with working from home becoming the new normal for many of us, loungewear has suddenly risen to the top of our dressing priority list, and unsurprisingly, leggings were our instant go-to. It certainly helps that this humble staple has become an altogether more luxe, yet no less versatile, item in the fashion-girl wardrobe, with countless insiders wearing theirs with everything from blazers to fancy blouses. (See more inspo here.)

Leggings for working from home:
Best yoga leggings



As we find ourselves swapping local gyms for living rooms, yoga presents itself as one of the best options to get our bodies moving in a confined space. (I tried doing a burpee last week and nearly took out the TV.) Something that was previously, and somewhat unfairly, deemed to be a lazy item of clothing has undeniably become the hardest-working piece in our fashion arsenal. So whether you're already loyal to a certain brand or just looking to get inspired, it only felt natural that I reveal the results of our office survey. Scroll down to see the yoga leggings our team swear by right now to achieve both style and comfort.



Sweaty Betty






Silou London

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