8 Brands Working Hard to Make You Interested in Your 9-to-5 Wardrobe

Shopping for workwear might not be the most fun activity, but let's face it, these are the clothes we spend most of our time wearing—and probably panicking over. If you're looking to expand your working wardrobe, there are a number of amazing workwear brands that you might not have heard of yet, or that you often forget to check when online browsing.

From Samantha Cameron's new workwear label to the just-launched London-based brand aiming to make affordable quality classics, we've found eight brands that are working hard to make you feel inspired by your workwear. So whether you're looking for a new work bag or an entirely new capsule wardrobe, these are the best places to start so that you don't have the same dress as five other women in your office.

Scroll below to see eight of the best workwear brands getting our attention.

1. Cefinn
Best workwear brands: Cefinn



In 2017, Samantha Cameron launched her own workwear label, Cefinn, which creates effortless and elegant separates that are in line with her signature style that she cultivated in her time at Number 10. The collection serves as a practical working uniform, as it was important to SamCam that the clothes wouldn't date and would look pristine after being in the washing machine 20 times or after a day travelling.

Kitri is another London-based brand that launched in 2017 and creates classic wardrobe staples with unexpected twists. The philosophy is to create quality, well-made workwear for an attainable price point—such as shirts for £65 and trousers for £85.

3. The Fold
Best workwear brands: The Fold



If you work in a corporate environment, The Fold creates professional suits, shift dresses and shirts that you'll actually want to wear. The label was founded by management consultant Polly McMaster, and her smart dresses have been worn by the Duchess of Cambridge and Samantha Cameron. If you're looking to build a capsule working wardrobe that will last for years, this is the place to start.

4. Vetta
Best workwear brands: Vetta


Vetta Capsule

Vetta is a U.S. brand (that ships internationally) with an innovative and practical concept based around the idea of a tightly edited capsule wardrobe. It divides its products into capsule collections, which include five pieces that can be mixed and matched to create 30 different outfits. Anything that can make getting dressed for work so easy gets a big thumbs up from us.

5. Outline
Best workwear brands: Outline


The Outline

The Outline is another new London-based brand that believes in investing in quality classic pieces that you'll love for more than one or two seasons.

Italian brand Marella is certainly not new—it created its first collection back in 1976—but chances are it's not a brand you have heard of, or that comes to mind when online browsing. Tamu McPherson is a big fan of the brand's fun prints and elegant tailoring—it's worth browsing the handbag section, too, if you're looking for a new shopper.

7. Adolfo Dominguez
Best workwear brands: Adolfo Dominguez


Adolfo Dominguez

If you love shirts with interesting detailing, then you should bookmark Spanish fashion designer Adolfo Dominguez who creates expensive-looking shirts with standout bows, sleeves and elegant cut-out detailing for no more than £140.

8. The Stowe
Best workwear brands: The Stowe


The Stowe

If you're looking for a carryall that won't cost a month's salary, then head to the Stowe, where the team creates minimal leather tote bags and backpacks around the £300 price point.

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