8 Brands Working Hard to Make You Interested in Your 9-to-5 Wardrobe

Shopping for workwear might not be the most fun activity, but let's face it, these are the clothes we spend most of our time wearing—and probably panicking over. If you're looking to expand your working wardrobe, there are a number of amazing workwear brands that you might not have heard of yet, or that you often forget to check when online browsing.

From Samantha Cameron's new workwear label to the just-launched London-based brand aiming to make affordable quality classics, we've found eight brands that are working hard to make you feel inspired by your workwear. So whether you're looking for a new work bag or an entirely new capsule wardrobe, these are the best places to start so that you don't have the same dress as five other women in your office.

Scroll below to see eight of the best workwear brands getting our attention.