We've Just Found the Best Workout Clothes for Fashion Girls

While we might not all have a celeb body (there's nothing wrong with that), incredible workout clothes can make you look and feel your best when you want to hit the gym. Plus, we're convinced that when we need the motivation to go for a run or do some yoga, pretty gym clothes help push us that little bit harder. 

And with smart workout wear becoming acceptable to wear to brunch (or even to the office), there's no excuse to shuffle around avoiding eye contact with the world in something you otherwise wouldn't want to be seen dead in. Proving our point further, over the month of December, fashion aggregator Stylight reported an increase of 260% in searches for track pants, which clearly indicates that athleisure isn't going anywhere any time soon.

And with designer brands and the high street getting in on the action, there's plenty to choose from. Click through our gallery to shop 17 of our favourite workout clothes right now.