15 Office-Friendly Dresses You'll Want to Show Off at Work

Getting dressed in the mornings and navigating the tricky transitional weather is tough. Trying to find something that will carry us through from 9-to-5 is even tougher. Comfort and warmth are obviously a no-brainer, but we're not willing to make style sacrifices either. More frequently than we'd like to admit, we have those days where nothing is quite right, and before we know where we are, we've wasted a good 15 minutes (read: an hour) trying things on only to relegate them to "the chair" where they'll probably stay for the rest of the week.

On days like these, we can't begin to tell you just how utterly overjoyed we are when we remember our collection of fail-safe dresses. Solving a myriad of problems, they're not only comfortable (no tugging hemlines down here), but all they need are a great pair of shoes, an on-trend bag and a sleek coat—minimal styling input necessary for days when your head just can't compute and the weather won't play nice either.

Consider your work wardrobe instantly updated.

Opening Image: Style du Monde/Getty

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.