Corporate Dress Codes Can Be Cracked With These Workwear Essentials

Workwear is usually considered a practical and essential “grown-up” purchase (just like mattresses, kitchen knives and insurance). Granted, there are a million other things you’d rather spend your hard-earned money on, but like the aforementioned mattress, you get a lot of use out of the clothes designed to see you through the workweek.

That said, it’s easy to want to scrimp on daily essentials. However, a brilliantly cut pair of trousers or a tailored jacket have the power to boost your mood and in turn, your performance at work. Acquire a few key staples from the experts, take good care of them and you won’t have to replace a threadbare blazer after just a few months.

We’re lucky that in 2018, there are so many homegrown brands with a passion to create appealing pieces for working women. Consider this your handy guide to where to call if you need a new shirt, suit or bag. Scroll through the gallery below for the no-nonsense workwear directory.