8 Items You Need to Stay Warm and Look Chic in Your Inevitably Freezing Office

The cold weather makes any outfit all the more difficult to plan, but workwear? It's notoriously difficult to strike the balance between cosy and chic. However, with a bit of advice from yours truly, you really can have it both ways. 

Never again will you be plagued with concerns of looking like the Michelin Man after an excessive layering session. Instead, with a clever take on textures and an emphasis on heat-yielding silhouettes, follow my eight-step wardrobe plan and I promise you'll look polished and stay toasty irregardless of how cold your office becomes. 

Take it from a girl who's perpetually cold—keep scrolling to discover the best winter workwear on offer this season... 

Now your daily wares are taken care of let's sort out your office Christmas party outfit, shall we?