Hands Down, These Pretty Winter Nail Colours Will Earn You the Most Compliments

It was way back in August that we spotted the 10 manicure trends that would be everywhere this autumn. Now, the most pressing conundrum we're facing is finding the best winter nail colours to decorate our mani-ready tips with. (Kidding, but we do take our nail game very seriously.) Of course, you have your demure, moody shades such as wine, burgundy, white and navy that feel quintessentially winter, but this season, we're playing at something different—waves of shimmering metallics in rich hues of gold, silver and rose; gemstone hues of ruby, sapphire and emerald; and if you're more of a neutral kind of person, chocolates, creams and candied pinks galore.


Best winter nail colours 2019



Ahead, we're sharing 15 of the best nail colours for winter we consistently applaud (and recommend!) here at WWW HQ. In fact, they're so pretty we know you'll be receiving compliments in droves all season long. Keep scrolling! Your nails are craving these magical winter shades. 

1. Rose Gold

No nail colour feels quite as glamorous as a turn of rose gold for winter. The shade has been trending for a few years now, but we swear we've never met a polish with the perfect proportion of shimmer and pigment until this Nars one came along. Post-Halloween, it was the first colour associate beauty editor Courtney Higgs and I both reached for. 

2. Glossed Ebony 

Black will never go out of style, but we love how bewitching and vampy it looks in the darker months of winter. Our recommendation? Wear your nails short to be especially on trend this season. 

3. Ruby Red

Brilliant ruby red turns heads, elevates any outfit and feels undeniably holiday-esque for the perfect winter mani. Plus, it's just one of those colours that instantly make you feel happy (which we crave during the doldrum months of winter). Chanel's iconic hue, or one like it, is essential in every polish wardrobe. 

4. Cayenne Cocoa

A shade of chocolate brown—similar to a cosy cup of cocoa or dark-roast coffee—is an obvious choice for winter. To keep things a bit more interesting (and to invite scores of compliments), we love the colour with a hint of sparkle.

5. Disco-Ball Silver

Any metallic is on point for winter, but with holiday festivities in sight, we can't resist a Studio 54 jaunt of disco-inspired silver on our nails. This formula from Barry M is a favourite.

6. 24-Karat Gold

Gold is rich, universally flattering and the ultimate way to spice up your winter beauty look in a low-maintenance way. We love Smith & Cult's cult-favourite colour for our winter nail game. 

7. Gray Cashmere

The perfect compromise between white and black, a warm and cosy grey plays as a remarkably flattering neutral all season long. 

8. Magenta Sugarplum

Dark red and shades of burgundy are par for the course in terms of the best winter nail colours, but a rich and moody pour of plum is slightly less expected and just as stunning. Dior's limited-edition winter shade is perfect. 

9. Candied Pink

We're obsessed with OPI's covetable range of nail colours (all of which are on point for winter), but there's something especially cheery and bright about the shade Princesses Rule—your quintessential ballerina pink. 

10. Sapphire Blitz

It wouldn't be winter without a striking shade of deep blue. That said, navy is a bit passé, and we have our eyes on a more vibrant shade of sapphire (like this polish from Essie) instead. 

11. Ginger-Spiced Topaz

We await J. Hannah's polish releases with as much passion as a child awaits the ice cream truck in the middle of July. Its latest, called Fauna, is a neutral shade of Topaz sure to steal the show (and all the compliments) this season.

12. Gilded Ivy

Why go with an opaque shade of emerald when you can try the hue with the finest flecks of gilded sparkle? 

13. Buffed Cream

If you want a truly immovable, at-home manicure this winter, Essie's line of Gel Couture is one of the best ways to go. For a hint of sparkle, we love the universally flattering colour Daring Damsel. 

14. Powdered Rose

A romantic shade of dusty rose is just what the doctor ordered this winter. We love that the colour gives our tips a warm dose of colour but still feels polished and relatively understated. Zoya has tons of shades within the rosy colour family, but we find ourselves coming back to this enchanting colour again and again. 

15. Ice Blue

Last but not least, a cool shade of ice blue never feels more warranted than the onset of plummeting temperatures and ominous snowstorms. Or, you know, opening day of Frozen 2 if you're based in a warmer locale. 

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