I've Discovered the Secret to Making Fashion Boots Super Cosy

When it comes to boot shopping, we all know the best styles are always swiftly snapped up. Peak demand means the most fashionable pairs don't stick around for long, so it's an "every woman for herself" situation if there ever was one, which brings me to my anecdote: Last year, I found my dream pair of boots in & Other Stories, but as the story goes, they'd completely sold out in my size.

Upon checking the stock levels in other stores and enquiring as to whether they'd be able to ship them from another country (desperate times call for desperate measures), I was gently told by the very patient assistant that it just wasn't going to happen. She was, however, able to present with a glimmer of hope: the next size up. How much bigger can they be? I said to myself.

Turns out, significantly larger—to the point where I could feel my foot sliding in them as I walked. Undeterred, I made the decision to buy them anyway, insisting that I'd simply wear them with thicker socks.

Now your feet are nice and toasty, try this trick to take care of your top half