15 Winter Accessories That Are More Exciting Than a Simple Scarf

Hats, scarves and gloves might seem like sensible purchases, but they are actually an amazing way to get creative with your winter look. Many winter warmers are the same season after season, we want a bobble hat when it’s freezing and cashmere socks to snuggle up in on a Sunday.

However, there are a few new players that will give your winter look that influencer-approved edge. Bucket hats are big news for winter 2018, for example. There’s a PVC one from Zara to protect you from the rain and a Prada bucket in a heavy fabric to keep you toasty. Scarves just seem to get better (and bigger) every year, and at the top of our wish list is a mohair-blend scarf from Loewe that has statement tassels.

With so many winter warmers out there, we’ve drawn up a few top tips for choosing the right winter accessories for you…

Make sure they’re actually practical. Whilst we’re obsessed with the visual of barely there sheer tights and floppy bucket hats, is there any point wearing them if you’re still shivering and wet?

You need to be able to move. Yes, they need to keep you warm, but if you can barely move you’ll end up carrying them more than wearing them.

Check the fabric content. If you are sensitive to any fabrics, you need to check the label carefully—and we’re not just talking about knitwear. if you get the fabric wrong for your tights, you’ll spend the day sitting on a very itchy bottom.

Choose something you’ll wear next winter too. Winter accessories can be expensive if you want to opt for the cashmere version when it comes to socks and scarves, and if you like leather gloves. Go for neutral colours so you won’t tire of them year after year.

Test-drive them all. It may sound silly, but you never know they’re perfect until you’ve actually tried them on properly. Make sure you can still do things with your gloves on around the house, try the hat to make sure it’s not going to give you an insane headache by the end of the day and make sure a scarf won’t itch your neck or constantly smother your face in fluff.