The Anti-Jeans Trend French and Italian Women Swear By Every Summer

When I think of summer dressing, the first items that come to mind are denim shorts, tank tops, and sundresses. But that certainly isn't the case everywhere. Sure, tank tops are a universal staple, just like linen frocks and an easy pair of cutoff shorts. But in some places, an entirely different garment reigns supreme when warm temperatures arrive, and it's one we hardly give enough credit to. And that, my fashion friends, is the white trouser.

White trousers are elegant, understated, and even billowy in the way only André Aciman, author of Call Me By Your Name, can adequately describe in words. In Italy and France, two summer destinations we often plan to visit months in advance, the white trouser is absolutely essential. Whether paired with a crisp poplin shirt, a ribbed tank top, or an oversized tee, there's really nothing you can't style alongside a simple pair of white slacks, no matter the material, shade, or silhouette. Linen or cotton, stark white or ivory, straight or wide leg—take your pick. Ahead, see for yourself the prowess of the anti-jeans trend that dominates Europe's fashion capitals every summer. 

See How Fashion People Are Wearing White Trousers:

Best White Trousers



It's almost funny how easy this outfit is to put together. It's just white trousers, a black belt, and a baggy white tee, and yet, it's so utterly chic and elevated. 

Best White Trousers



This crisp-and-clean look is proof that comfort and style are not mutually exclusive. Throw on a pair of drawstring linen trousers with a matching button-down shirt for the ultimate beachside ensemble. And, of course, don't forget a baseball cap for extra sun protection.

Best White Trousers



A large tote bag and a simple pair of ballet flats are the perfect finishing touches to an outfit comprised of baggy white trousers and a matching poplin shirt. It's giving no-effort elegance. 

Don't sweat about your holiday wardrobe. A simple white tank with matching wide-leg linen trousers looks just as special as any colourful dress or set you've been eying. 

As casual as a pair of white trousers can look, they can easily be dressed up for even the most high-brow events, including a Dior runway show, as pictured above. In this look, it's all about the heels and belt. They pull the look together.

If your style errs more on the playful side, this take on Ellie Delphine is the one for you. A lingerie top, some statement sandals, and an eye-catching bag are all you need to take a casual pair of white cargo pants to a whole new level. 

Best White Trousers



An outfit like this works well beyond the three months between June and August. These days, wearing white after Labor Day is commonplace. Embrace it and pair your favourite white trousers with a blazer for added chicness. 

Best White Trousers



Don't come for me. I know these are jeans, but the styling was too perfect to ignore. Swap out Sylvie's white denim pants for a pair of cotton trousers, and be on your way. 

Shop the Best White Trousers:

I'll never say no to a pair of trousers from Reformation. 

Low-rise trousers are going to get a "yes" from me. 

This cargo-style pair is so cool.

I have these in an oatmeal colour, and the fit is top-tier. 

If you're looking to splurge on a pair of white trousers, these are hands down the ones to go with. You can own them forever.

So chic when paired with a black tank top and slides.

I love these with a waistcoat, tank, tee or blazer.

Faithfull the Brand makes the best resortwear on the market—guaranteed.

COS is my go-to for trousers that look like they are 3 times their price tag.

If they have pockets, I'm 10 times more likely to buy them. 

Posse has just landed in the UK and we're thrilled.

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