I Have Carried This Bag Literally Every Day Since February

Some of you know exactly which designer handbag you want to invest in. In fact, you might always reach for the same style, colour and brand each and every time, safe in the knowledge that you'll get endless use out of it. But sometimes, The One can sneak up on you. Case in point? In February of this year, I got my hands on a new mini bag from Wandler, and honestly, I've never had a purse with such a compelling cost-per-wear proposition.

Wandler is a Dutch accessories label, and its spring/summer 2018 collection quickly gathered a huge fashion fan club—especially for its half moon–shaped Hortensia bags in off-beat colours like apple green and baby blue. These neat, minimalistic purses were all over the streets of fashion week, and team Who What Wear was not immune to the brand's charms. However, mine was a rather risky, very un "me" option made of white leather. And yet, almost half a year later, I still use my little Wandler bag at least three or four times a week (and it hasn't aged a bit). It has some sort of magical, neutral, "go with absolutely everything I own" power. Since white is bolder than a typical neutral shade (and definitely more uplifting than black), my bag has got me into a summery mood.

This simple addition—along with a small Danse Lente crossbody style that I've been wearing lately—made me realise nothing in my wardrobe has seen quite as much daylight in 2018 as my white Wandler bag. Scroll down to see the many outfits that work with a Tipex-white bag, and then shop some of my favourites below.