Everyone Talks About Engagement Rings, But What About Cool Wedding Rings?

We've spent a lot of time talking about engagement rings. How much to spend on one, how to choose one, as well as what our favourite celebrities' rings look like. But what about when you finally make it down the aisle and you have that other ring—you know the actual wedding ring—to put on? There's so much more to them than just a plain band. While the selection of the ring is very personal, there are some incredibly cool styles around right now that will only make your engagement ring look even better. 

Best Wedding Rings


The Frugality

If you're currently struggling to find your wedding band, then we've got a whole load of inspiration coming your way. Just keep scrolling.

This is ideal for if you have a round engagement ring.

Who says you can't have diamonds on your wedding ring? 

For those who are on a budget but still want something different. 

A super-basic band in rose gold is the embodiment of chic minimal style. 

This might be a stacking ring, but it could be just what you're after. Don't discriminate against styles just because they don't scream "wedding ring."

A super-thin band for those who want something ultra-understated. 

A chunky version of the gold band to make it just that little bit different and extra special. 

Your big day just got even chicer. 

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