20 Pairs of Shoes You'll Want to Wear to Every Type of Wedding

When it comes to wedding guest dressing, there's little room for throwing an opportunistic look together. As soon as that invite drops on the doormat/in your inbox, you'll spend more time questioning what to wear, how you'll stay dry and what bag will be most useful than how you'll travel there or what to gift the happy couple with.

But the biggest conundrum is definitely choosing a pair of shoes. If you've got a slew of weddings stretching throughout the year, you'll happily recoup lots of cost per wear out of a sensible but not-too-safe style in nude or metallic, preferably with a heel height that'll leave your sense of humour intact after 12 hours on your feet.

If you want to ensure that nothing will hinder you being first on the dance floor, block midi heels are the way to go (ditto if the venue is in a field in the middle of nowhere). And if you really want to wear flats, do it—just make sure they're fabulous. Check out our edit of the best wedding guest shoes below.

Magic Metallics

In gold or silver, these will no doubt go with any wedding guest dress. 

Metallic doesn't just have to mean silver or gold. Mix it up with these lilac stunners. 

The modern-day version of Cinderella's glass slippers. 

Strappy Sandals

It's all about keeping that heel height to a couple of inches max. 

Wear-all-day heels you'll be thankful for. 

Everyone—and we mean everyone—will ask you where you got these.

If you can walk in heels all day (we salute you), then this blush pair is a winner. 

Fancy Flats

Ballet flats get the seal of approval for weddings thanks to this two-tone pair. 

Seeing these literally makes our hearts skip a beat.

They may look like a thrift-store find, but they are in fact from the high street. Yep, really. 

Ankle-chain shoes are having a moment right now. 

Backless Beauties

A pair of Manolo Blahniks will be the perfect plus-one year after year.

The colour du jour, add these to a clashing pink dress. 

Yes, yes and hell yes to this pair of chocolatey, embellished beauties. 

Can we get a moment of silence for this new shade of Bottega mules, please?

Comfy Platforms

With evening guests in mind, these polka-dot platforms have got party written all over them. 

Dusty-pink, velvety platforms get a firm yes from us. Well done, Ted Baker. 

The comfiest heels you'll find thanks to that chunky platform.

Well, now that the shoes are sorted, get some inspo on what to wear to a wedding.

Opening Image: @slipintostyle

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