33 of the Best (and Easiest) Wedding-Guest Hairstyles

Wedding season is underway, but while we've got your outfit covered with our edits of ultra-cool wedding guest dresses and affordable high-street options, we have yet to venture into the world of beauty. With one wedding already under my belt for the year (and another two coming up in the next couple months), I've realised how easy it is to overlook the finishing touches of wedding-guest dressing when all our focus tends to be on that hunt for the perfect outfit.

My first wedding of the year involved me frantically trying to secure a pearl hair clip in the two spare minutes I had before it was absolutely essential that we left to get to the church on time. (Nobody wants to be the person who arrives after the bride—especially when you've only got a hair accessory to blame.) So to prevent you from reliving my own last-minute hair panic, I've rounded up a whole lot of wedding-guest hairstyle inspiration so that you can plan ahead.

To keep things super straightforward, I've identified a few simple styles that will take just minutes to do and work for all hair types (buns, twisted updos, ponytails, etc). Keep scrolling for 33 of the best (and easiest) wedding-guest hairstyles for a stress-free wedding season.

Buns and Updos

Emma Moldt



This elegant bun will keep your hair off your face all day and is also the perfect hairstyle for showing off your wedding-guest earrings.

Felicity Hayward



Even short hair can make a bun work as Felicity proves. Just wear yours low, at the nape of your neck and team with statement earrings for added impact.

Lindsey Holland



A simple low bun takes seconds to do, is perfect for keeping your hair off your face during a summer wedding and looks even more stylish when you leave a few strands loose around your face—see above. (A definite plus if you aren't the best at styling your own hair!)

Nnenna Echem



Nnenna takes the low bun to the next level with her covetable hair clip stack. I love how she's teamed the eclectic accessories with a printed dress for a maximalist approach to wedding-guest dressing.

Johanne Jessen



Even simpler than a bun is this two-minute twist demonstrated by Johanne. Simply pull your hair back like you're going to tie it into a ponytail, and then twist it upwards from the nape of your neck. Secure in place with a statement butterfly clip and you're good to go.

Sophia Roe



Proving that topknots aren't just for casual weekends, Sophia twists her curls right onto the top of her head for a statement style. If you've got a fringe, leave this loose for a cool-girl finish.

Peony Lim



All of our fashion friends are wearing hair scarves right now, and when they look as elegant as Peony's, it's easy to see why. Tie one around a high bun and leave the ends loose for a romantic wedding-guest look.

Stephanie Broek



A more modern take on Johanne's butterfly clip, Stephanie's dishevelled hair twist is all about the statement hair clips. Leave some hair loose around your face, and let the ends of your hair poke out for a boho vibe.

Lucy Williams



The half-up, half-down hairstyle takes approximately 30 seconds to do and genuinely looks great on everyone. It's a great option if, like me, you prefer wearing your hair down but want to try something a little different for a special occasion.

Ada Oguntodu



What's better than one bun? Two, of course. Ada's high bunches look as cute as a button and are a great option for a more unique wedding-guest hairstyle. 

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley



Rosie is the queen of simple red carpet dressing—and her hairstyles are no exception. Unlike some of the buns above, this one is all about that sharp middle parting and sleek strands. So elegant.


Cassandra Klatzkow



Cassandra's low ponytail not only looks super luxe but draws attention to the back detailing on our slinky orange dress perfectly.

Johanne Brostrøm



Scandi girls like Johanne are opting for simple, preppy ribbons to adorn their ponytails. Love it.

ASOS Lesley



Lesley's super-high ponytail is giving me major '90s vibes, and I'm here for it. Letting your natural hair texture flow free keeps it feeling fresh and modern.

Beatrice Gutu



Switch your hairband for an oversized clip like Beatrice for the chicest way to wear a low ponytail this wedding season.

Syana Laniyan



A side ponytail like Syana's manages to be both practical and cool.

Jennifer Lopez



There's a definite risk of upstaging the bride if you went for this full J.Lo ensemble, but this sleek ponytail will look stylish whatever wedding-guest dress you're wearing.

Michelle Pålsson Horvath



Michelle's barrette-and-ribbon combo is so damn chic.

Laura Harrier



I'm in love with Laura's bouncy ponytail. The wavy ends create a really glam look that is perfect for the evening wedding reception.

Linn Eklund



For me, weddings are a great occasion to experiment with accessorising. Make like Linn and go for a "more is more" approach to your low ponytail with your best scrunchies, hair grips and slides.

Victoria Beckham



VB keeps it classic as always with a skinny twist of black ribbon to secure her swept-back pony.

Jorja Smith



High ponytails are clearly having a moment—which is why they're a perfect wedding-guest option. Jorja Smith keeps things sleek at the root and volumised through the ends.

Hair Down

Getri Mitt-Vaher



For relaxed, boho weddings a flower crown pairs perfectly with beach waves like Getri's.

Emmanuelle Koffi



Make like Emmanuelle and jazz up a down 'do with double the hair clips.

Frédérique Harrel



Opt for a deep side parting like Freddie to transform your hair down game for wedding season.

Holly Willoughby



Holly's beachy waves + embellished hair clips = the dreamiest wedding-guest hairstyle.

Monikh Dale



Celebrities are going wild for headbands, and so are the fashion set, as demonstrated by Monikh. This is the fascinator of 2019.

Yara Shahidi



The combination of a side parting and a hair clip seems to be the way that cool girls like Yara are embracing special occasion hairstyles this year.

Brittany Bathgate



Jazz up a simple hair-down style by adding in some cute hair clips on either side of a centre parting like Brittany. It's still within your hair comfort zone but has a special-occasion edge.

ASOS Lotte



So sleek. So simple. Lotte's straight bob is anything but basic with this embellished hair slide. This would look great with literally any wedding guest outfit.

Emily Ratajkowski



Sometimes you just want to go glam, and EmRata's voluminous retro waves are simply perfect.

Make like the French girls and keep your hairstyle simple and your headbands sleek, just like Chloé.

Selena Gomez



Selena's vintage waves and hair slide would pair perfectly with a tea dress for the prettiest of wedding-guest outfits.