These 13 Wardrobe Gadgets Are Actually Life-Altering

Show me someone who doesn't like to make their life easier, and you'll be showing me a liar. There are shortcuts some of us purposefully seek out for a breezier time (read: more minutes in bed), and those are the ones you particularly need at this time of year when the schedule is chaotic, the weather is cruel and not looking after yourself becomes commonplace.

It's in these moments that you a) deserve to know how to have a capsule wardrobe and use it to get ready in a few short moments and b) that you need to lean on a few clever items that do a lot of the prep work, the legwork and the faffing around for you. A worker is nothing without their tools, and no matter how organised or efficient you may be, it's always worth investing in the gadgets that are top of the range and are going to help—not hinder—your busy calendar.

So keep reading to see and shop the best wardrobe gadgets—from the awesome steamer fashion girls swear by to the ingenious item that keeps your sweaters looking brand-new.

This is the high-tech steamer fashion editors swear by—not only is it super effective, quiet and economical, but it also comes with chic extras like a velvet pouch, collar stand and a fabric casing to soften the impact of steam on delicate fabrics. We're hooked, and we already can't remember what an iron looks like.

Simple but effective, this multiuse hanger solves all your accessory woes—stack it up with scarves, belts and more, and then hang it up in a roomy wardrobe or on the back of a door.

Who wouldn't want a pleasantly fragrant wardrobe without the fire hazard of candles and the oil hazard of regular reed diffusers? Oh, and Diptyque basically equals the smell of any fashion event.

Yes, this looks like a kid's game, but it's very serious adult stuff indeed. This ingenious contraption folds all your shirts, tees and sweaters to look like they've been done professionally. A tidy wardrobe = a tidy mind.

Trouser hems come down so easily, but rather than waiting for a tailor or banishing them to the pile of pants that will never ever see the light of day again, simply cut off a strip of this bonded webbing and iron your hem back into place in an instant.

Even if you think you don't have moths, you never know when they might strike, so it's best to just fend them off to begin with. There are hundreds of moth-repelling gadgets out there, but these have served me and my rails well so far. Look out for the fact that the purple dye turns white when they need replacing—a handy reminder.

One of my favourite little inventions of all time, these humble-looking comb de-bobbles cashmere and other knits like a total dream. You'll get more wear out of your jumpers for years to come, and it's also quite a therapeutic process.

If you are unlucky enough to live in a damp building, you'll soon find your clothes take a hit. Start to solve the problem by installing this small dehumidifier in your bedroom.

Once you try these non-slip, space-saving hangers, I swear you'll never turn back to anything else. Not only can it help you save time each morning by being more organised, but you'll also find that you'll automatically start looking after your pieces more carefully—no more cramming multiple items onto one hanger or letting them slide onto the floor…

If you're a T-shirt addict, then this is the gadget for you. Not only do these little plastic sleeves help you fold your precious crew necks, but they also make them easy to store, find and wear without needing to reach for the iron every morning.

When that belt or bag will definitely finish an outfit but is too big/small/long/short, that's the moment you'll be extra smug to remember you have these leather punch pliers in your kit.

One of the most time-consuming and frustrating tasks is untangling necklaces, so do yourself a favour and invest in a chic jewellery stand.

Next up, the best Christmas party dresses for your perusal.

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