20 Affordable Wall Prints That Look So Expensive

If you had to rank the spending habits of the average fashion editor, I bet that the order would probably go 1) clothes and 2) homewear. After all, you just need to look at the Instagram profiles of influencers such as Jessie Bush and Alex Stedman to see that creating the perfect home interior has become the latest way to show off your impeccable taste and a canvas from which to project your personal style. 

Homewear does not always come cheap, so as much as we would like to have the picture-perfect home at the click of a button, it can often take years to build up those time- and love-worn objects that will last for many years to come. Thankfully, there are small touches here and there that can change the look of a room in the short-term, and for me, wall prints offer just that. 

Despite living in a tiny flat, I spend an inordinate amount of time hunting down affordable prints to add to my collection. Some super-affordable pieces can be nabbed straight away, while others are better for a big birthday, but all of the below come in under £200, which, in the grand scheme of things, is pretty reasonable. I have personally bought prints from both Lola Donoghue and Aeand Studio over the last few years and could not recommend them enough. Scroll down to see these and other prints I'm rating right now.

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