These Vegan Shoe Brands Should Be on Your Radar

If you carry a metal straw wherever you go as well as your own coffee cup and water bottle, you already know how important changing your daily habits to be more sustainable is. However, are you channeling your conscious consumerism when it comes to what you wear? Shopping for consciously made and sustainable products when it comes to your wardrobe is yet another step you can take to help the planet. Especially since the fashion industry is the second dirtiest industry in the world, right after oil companies. One nice way to start shifting your shopping methods is by dipping your toes (literally) in vegan shoes.

Made from synthetic materials, vegan shoes don't have anything to envy from real leather. They are just as stylish, comfortable, and longlasting. Now, as the fashion industry is starting to become more conscious of its impact on the world, there are plenty of brands that focus solely on vegan options as well as brands that are incorporating vegan lines into their current collections.

From big brands that you can already find in places like Urban Outfitters, brands that even Meghan Markle approves of, to smaller brands that you may have spotted various times while scrolling on your Instagram feed, there's a vegan shoe that will put your right foot forward when it comes to conscious shopping.

To facilitate your search, we've rounded up five vegan shoe brands that should be on your radar and in your closet. 

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