I'm 5'1", Curvy and Just Tried on 65 Pairs of Trousers

Trousers and zip-up knee boots are two fashion evils that can reduce me to a crumbling shell of my former self. Being curvy and only 5'1" makes shopping for anything quite tortuous, but I'm almost at the point where I avoid looking for trousers entirely, wearing the same worn-out ones I already own over and over again, or simply defaulting to dresses and skirts. It's a shame because I adore suiting and love the idea of wearing trousers to work.

When you find a pair that's right, they're so right, but when they're wrong, I feel like crawling into a hole under my desk and wishing the day to start over. I can come to terms with hemming everything I'll ever purchase and occasionally having to sacrifice the look of a silhouette so that I don't trip over. However, the constant "big on the waistband but too tight on the thighs" fit struggle that I seem to find across both designer and high-street brands is enough to make me give up on trousers forever.

If this problem sounds familiar to you, you've probably shared some of my other experiences: I once left Zara in tears after I was unable to fit into the largest size it carries (which, let's face it, isn't even that large at all). I also send 99% of my online trouser orders back and have been known to throw a total hissy fit in the changing room of a denim department. (Only in front of my mum, though, so it basically never happened, okay?)