I've Flown 17 Times This Year, and These Are the Best Travel Clothes

I've done a lot of travelling this year. I've been to L.A. twice (with another trip coming up soon), New Orleans, Miami, Mexico and India. I've woken up to a 3 a.m. alarm to get to the airport on time, smiled innocently at border patrol and yes, I even lost my ID once (thankfully, the airline mailed it back to me). As one of JFK Airport's most frequent customers, there is one good thing I can report: I've found the best travel clothes to get through it all. I've even devised a checklist of what I consider when I'm getting dressed (since I tend to book early flights and have to get dressed before my brain is really working).

If I were to name an overarching theme when it comes to airport dressing, it's that comfort is key. Don't let any over-the-top airport outfits fool you—stilettos on a plane (or going through a metal detector) are never a good idea. Since the seat you're given is often up to luck, it's better to dress in a way that will ensure that even if you're in a non-reclining row or crammed in the middle seat, you'll feel some semblance of comfort. Find my rules below along with the pieces that will help you nail travel-dressing too.