Goodbye, Button Gap: The Best Tops for Busty Girls

There's a certain brand of despair only the large-busted women amongst us know (yours truly included): The exquisite suffering of the button gap. If you have a breast size that reaches into the territory of C, D, and beyond, then you are likely more than familiar with the painfully unattractive gap produced any time you try to wear a classic button-down shirt. (And in case you're not, allow BuzzFeed to familiarise you.)

Well, this particular large-chested fashion writer has had enough. There do exist some schools of thought that strongly suggest you forgo wearing button-downs entirely—to which I say pish posh! I want to wear the on-trend look just as much as the next girl, so why shouldn't I be able to? I refuse to give in to a life lived in peasant tops and T-shirts—a girl needs some variety.

To that end, I did my research and came up with the best tops for large-chested women—button-downs and beyond. Trust me, it's been a long, long struggle of trying to figure out how to wear the trendy style without the dreaded, unattractive gap—and I've finally figured out how to do it.

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If you absolutely need a button-down shirt, make it oversized:

BDG Drapey Denim Button-Down Shirt ($59)

Or forgo the buttons entirely! Shop our favourite blouses now:

Reformation Pine Top ($58)

Zara Embroidered Top ($30)

What are your go-to tops, large-chested ladies? Tell us in the comments below!