I Have Big Boobs and I Always Wear These 4 Top Styles

From creating Rihanna's, Kim Kardashian West's and Lorde's most iconic outfits to cementing London's best dressed It-girl scene, super stylist and creative director Avigail Collins is known for creating celebrities exciting new looks. But Avigail's wardrobing skills extend even further: See her own streetwear-inspired line, Silver Spoon Attire, which was founded in 2013 alongside her husband (and fellow sought-after stylist) Damian Collins. The stylist's high-profile music clients and global street style following make up a pretty impressive fan club. If anyone can spot the next big thing, it's Avigail, which is why we're thrilled to have her at Who What Wear UK to bring you a monthly column about what's hot now.

Larger boobs can be a tricky thing to navigate when major trends such as off-the-shoulder tops are everywhere. That said, it's wise to get to grips with the kind of options that feel easiest to swan around in when you're dealing with a D cup or above.

I have experience in this department that I would like to share with you: Our bodies are wondrous things, so let's have fewer style limitations and more fun. You can pick the most on-trend looks without freaking out about buying the almost-too-impossible-to-find strapless bra that works. Since I tackle this wardrobe hurdle often as a stylist, I've created a catalogue of options that work for every curvy figure. Keep reading to find out about the tops that I think are best for big boobs in 2018.

#1: The Jersey Bodysuit

Best Tops for Big Boobs



Top-quality (not flimsy) jersey bodysuits that stay in place allow you a lot of outfit freedom when you've got bigger boobs. They help define your waist (always key to show off) and will go with all of this season's skirts and trousers. I recommend the Wolford bodysuit below—it has a seamless thong string so you also won't get any VPL. It's at a high price point, but it will last you a lifetime.

Best Tops for Big Boobs



There's a new wave of bohemian bodice-style tops around for spring—and they're not as stiff and trussed-up as they sound. Think of soft sculpted shapes that help keep everything firmly in place while revealing a little décolletage. I love this Reformation top as it's an amazing cut for larger boobs and can be worn with a bra.

#3: The Waist-Defining Boho Blouse

Best Tops for Big Boobs



As I'm sure you know, the whole carefree off-the-shoulder look is difficult to achieve when you're blessed with a fuller bust. The trick is to look for blouse styles that go in at the waist and have some shoulder coverage. (That way you can still wear a bra and not be swamped in fabric.)

I found NYC-based brand LoveShackFancy last summer and totally fell in love with it. Everything the brand makes looks so authentically vintage even though the pieces are brand-new. The particular style below is great as it nips in at the waist.

#4: The Adaptable Neckline

If you feel like crew-neck tees give too much coverage but V-necks aren't your style, then I'd suggest looking for T-shirts and tops with adjustable necklines. Brandy Melville has become my go-to for basics and the ribbed long-sleeved top below literally works with everything. You can keep the buttons open (or closed) and it looks so chic with a number of pieces. A top fastened with a zipper in the front also makes for a cool, flattering detail.

See? Shopping with big boobs doesn't have to be an ordeal. Just remember to go with what suits you and reflects your personal style best.

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Opening Image: @asos_lotte

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