This Is Scientifically the Best Time and Day to Shop Zara (and Your Other Faves)

If you find yourself checking certain websites almost daily (cough, Zara), refreshing the new-in section just in case there's something with your name on it, we're about to save you hours of mindless scrolling in your week because we've got a comprehensive shopping schedule for you. We have found out when your favourite sites, from Net-a-Porter to Mango, always have their new drops, so you can be first to snap up the amazing new gems. It turns out the best day of the week to shop is actually Monday, as this is the day that most brands replenish their stock. Keep scrolling to see the best time and day to shop your favourite brands.


Best times to shop: Zara



Zara's big deliveries arrive in-store every Monday and then hit the website on Tuesday mornings. Useful intel, we know.


Best times to shop: Net a Porter


Style Stalker

It might seem like Net-a-Porter is constantly getting new deliveries, but in fact, it has three new drops a week: on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.


It can be difficult to know when Mango's new pieces actually arrive in-store, as often items are listed as "coming soon." However, Mango tells us that it always gets its new drops on a Monday, with the biggest drop always falling on the first Monday of the month. Anyone else tempted to set up a monthly Mango calendar alert?


Best time to shop: Topshop



Topshop has four uploads a week, but unlike the other retailers on this list, Tuesday and Wednesday are its biggest new drop days instead of Monday. 


Anyone who has been on the French website Sézane will know that everything tends to be sold out, but here's a tip that will help you to get ahead on the other Sézane superfans: New arrivals land on site at 10 a.m. on Wednesdays.

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