This Is Scientifically the Best Time and Day to Shop Zara (and Your Other Faves)

If you find yourself checking certain websites almost daily (cough, Zara), refreshing the new-in section just in case there's something fresh that you haven't seen before with your name on it, we're about to save you hours of mindless scrolling in your week. How, you ask? Aside from our usual efforts to keep you not only informed but also ahead of the fashion curve, we've created a comprehensive shopping schedule for you that previously only editors and brand insiders would know about.

We have found out when your favourite sites, from Net-a-Porter to Mango, receive their new drops each week, so you can be first to snap up the amazing new gems. It turns out the best day of the week to shop is actually Monday, as this is the day that most brands replenish their stock, but for nuanced advice, keep scrolling to see the best time and day to shop your favourite brands.

1. Zara

The best times to shop at Zara



Savina Chow wears a striped knitted cardigan-and-top set from Zara.

As with many brands, the weekend is the busiest time for Zara, both online and via its brick-and-mortar stores. Unsurprisingly, then, Zara's big deliveries arrive in-store every Monday—staff will usually start the day by unpacking boxes and getting things out onto the shop floor, so the best time to actually head on in is after lunchtime. As for online, the process takes a little longer—typically, you should see the biggest new-in section drop on Tuesday mornings. Useful intel, we know.


Zara tailoring always impresses us. 

Look for pieces that are made with natural fibres. 

Zara's striped knitwear is always quick to sell-out. 

I bought this coat two winters ago, and it still looks so expensive. 

Zara has been pouring serious effort into improving its denim. 

2. Net-a-Porter

The best times to shop Net-a-Porter



Monikh Dale wears an outfit sourced from Net-a-Porter, featuring a Loewe bag. 

It might seem like Net-a-Porter is constantly getting new deliveries, but in fact, it has three new drops a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. What's more, Net-a-Porter processes as many of its returns towards the end of the month, so if you had your eye on an item that's sold out, this is the most-likely time it'll come back online. 


The shearling coat every fashion editor has on their wish list. 

Loewe's iconic Puzzle bag comes in so many sleek colourways. 

We always find something we want from The Frankie Shop. 

3. Mango

The best time to shop Mango



Sasha Mei wears a jumper, skirt and boots from Mango. 

It can be difficult to know when Mango's new pieces actually arrive in-store, as often items are listed as "coming soon." However, Mango tells us that it always gets its new drops on a Monday, with the biggest drop always falling on the first Monday of the month. Anyone else tempted to set up a monthly Mango calendar alert?


Mango's coats are next-level good at the moment. 

The square toe is beautifully mirrored in the angled heel. 

From Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to Hailey Bieber, celebrities are wearing split-hem leggings nonstop right now. 

Tick off the preppy trend seen on the Miu Miu runway with a pleated miniskirt. 

4. H&M

Janelle Marie Lloyd wears a blazer and jeans from H&M.

H&M updates its website offering several times a week, but its big fashion drop lands online on a Tuesday morning. Throughout the course of the week, H&M will then replenish sold-out items, so it's always worth signing up for notifications should something you want be currently unavailable. 


A coat that looks double its price. 

It wouldn't be an H&M edit without a knitted dress. 

Horse-bit loafers are truly timeless. 

An ideal base layer for all your autumn/winter outfits. 

5. Sézane

Anna Borisovna wears a jumper and skirt from Sézane. 

Anyone who has been on the French website Sézane will know that everything tends to be sold out, but here's a tip that will help you to get ahead on the other Sézane superfans: New arrivals land on site at 10 a.m. on Wednesdays.


When French brands do shackets, they look next-level chic. 

If you buy one thing from Sézane, make it knitwear. 

A refined take on the hiking-boot trend. 

Sweetheart necklines are trending right now. 

The French gravitate towards pieces you can dress up or down, such as this silver midi skirt. 

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This post was originally published at an earlier time and has since been updated.