The 4 Cosy Pieces Every Fashion Person Has in Their Cold-Weather Wardrobe

The Best Winter Thermals for Women: 21 Cosy Layers to try



As a summer person, winter hits me hard. At the first sign of temperatures dropping I instantly reach for my cosy sweaters, fluffy socks and woollen coats, but it's at this point I often hit a winter wardrobe obstacle. You see, I hate feeling too bulky and when the temperature in the morning and on the way home is drastically different to the one in the middle of the day, in the office or on the tube, layering seems to be the only option. But after studying some of my favourite fashion people, influencers and fellow editors, I've found discovered the solution: thermals. It's only been in the past few years that I've really invested in them, and let me tell you, they're a complete game-changer. 

Instead of layering up like Joey from Friends, I've bought some clever heat-retaining items that I now can't live without. My number one buy? The seamless super-thin cami from Uniqlo. I wear it under every winter outfit (it is completely unnoticed) and it keeps me super warm without any of the bulk. 

The Best Winter Thermals for Women: 21 Cosy Layers: @anoukyve



With its Heattech collection being one of the best around, Uniqlo is the destination for all the warm layers that don't have to be extra thick or chunky to keep you warm. Another great place on the high street? Marks and Spencer, which has every basic covered from socks to roll necks and leggings to jackets.

Keep scrolling to shop the 21 thermal items I highly recommend. Believe me, I've tried a lot of these and they're the easiest way to actually want to leave the house now temperatures have dropped...

Shop the Best Thermals for Women This Winter

1. Leggings

Whether underneath your clothes or as a centrepiece, this taupe pair will tie together any leggings outfit

These fleecy leggings are so soft. Wear them under denim for added warmth.

In sizes XXS-4Xl, these are a great inclusive option. 

Uniqlo has a great selection of thermals in an array of sizes and styles and I love the charcoal grey tone of these.

Big outdoor excursion coming up? These merino leggings from Sweaty Betty will see you through in true luxury. 

2. Tops

This is my number one buy this year - I wear it with every outfit. 

A cosy addition to any look and the fact that it's a body means it won't roll up throughout the day.

The low scoop neck makes it easy to hide under other tops or knits and Uniqlo always offer a wide size range of XXS-XXL.

Thermal loungewear will be a bill-saver this winter. 

A smart yet clever classic with a pair of belted tailored trousers for tactical dressing. 

It may be a ski top, but this means it's definitely cut-out for sub-zero temperatures. 

This simple vest is the answer to still being able to wear a tank in winter.

A great top for under your knitwear or even on its own. This is also available in darker and more muted tones. 

3. Jackets

Sure it doesn't look anything, but this super thin layer can be hidden under any coat, jacket or blazer to keep you incredibly cosy. 

It's windproof and water-repellant.

Imagine this for weekend walks with leggings and rubber boots. 

One of the best puffers on the high street.

4. Accessories

Fleece lined without looking bulky—a winter dream. 

I have these in several colours and prints and I haven't looked back. Toasty toes doesn't even cover it.

This one comes in so many classic colours. 

There's nothing worse than cold feet when the frost sets in, so make sure to invest in some toasty socks. 

Why just have ordinary gloves when you can have cashmere?

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