As Far as 2020 Interior Microtrends Go, This Has to Be the Prettiest

Probably one of the best habits I’ve developed over the past few months is making more of an effort when it comes to curating my dinner table. Though I’ve never been one to sit on the sofa with a plate on my lap, I’d seldom take the time to set our dining table. But when eating in become the new dining out, I made a conscious decision to elevate my mealtimes and, to ensure my table looked the stylish part, I ordered marble platters, linen tablecloths glass plates, rattan mats, and new coasters. My favourite purchase, however, was undoubtedly a set of sage taper candles.

I’ve already professed my love of candles, but I found my collection mainly consisted of either pillar or those hand-poured into glass jars, so I decided to switch things up with a set of tapers. Their initial appeal was that they looked instantly fancy but what I found is that, when lit, they create a beautiful atmosphere and make the moment feel significantly more special. They’re also great for adding height to a tablescape, which makes it all the more visually exciting and appealing. What’s more, I’ve found that most taper candles are unscented, and therefore don’t create a fragrance clash with the food I’m serving.

“A perfectly lit taper candle can be quite memorising,” says Tony Jack, founder of Fairholme candles. “The way the wax drips down the candle and onto a candlestick holder or table is truly a thing of beauty; something you can watch for hours. I think people love the memory of a taper candle, Many of my friends and family will use old wine or glass bottles to display their Fairholme taper. They let it burn through and then change the candle shade the next time so they end up with this rainbow, wax-covered bottle. I’ve been working on my wax-covered bottle all summer now! People want their tables to look fun and inviting, and candles offer that feeling. Paired with beautiful table linen, napkins, cutlery, and serving plates and utensils, everything comes together so beautifully.”

Throughout 2020, we’ve seen countless interior brands—both old and new—offer up stunning taper candles, some of which are bright and bold, while others stick to tonal palettes. Retro twirling has proved to be another detail of note, as is super-sharp ends which will appease any minimalists looking to get in on the trend.

Scroll below to see my edit of the best taper candles to suit your home, whatever your decor may look like, then proceed to shop the chicest candleholders to go with.











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