I Can't Go on Holiday, But I Want to Wear All These Swimsuits as Tops

The global pandemic has shifted many things for us day to day. It's meant a complete halt to so many activities many of us took for granted. Now, there are plenty of more important issues at hand than whether or not you can go on holiday, but let's be honest: There are a lot of people clamouring for a change of scenery. After weeks of sticking around the same areas, the temptation to jet off to somewhere completely different is acute. While it's unlikely that a lot of us will be heading to warmer climes anytime soon, that doesn't mean we can't wear the swimsuits we thought we'd be using this year.

best swimsuits 2020: emili sindlev



In lieu of soaking up the vitamin D by a pool, I'll be wearing 2020's swimsuits with a pair of jeans, loose trousers or a skirt. The good news is that there are so many chic swimming costumes around that are genuinely good enough to be worn as tops, and no one will question whether it's because you've run out of knickers. From COS's gorgeous asymmetric mossy-green suit to Isabel Marant's floral offering, I'm convinced that the way to trick my mind into believing I'm away is to wear one of this season's coolest swimsuits. All I need now is a heatwave. Keep scrolling to see my edit.







Up next, the biggest summer 2020 fashion trends to know. 

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