I Think These Are the Most Sustainable T-Shirts Out There

It’s hard to ignore sustainable fashion. While the ongoing conversation about how to make the fashion industry less polluting is vital, it can feel overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. I say start small. Make little changes to your wardrobe whether that’s buying vintage and secondhand pieces or saving up and buying those items you know you’ll truly end up with for years. Another thing you can do is looking at the kind of material your clothes are made from. One of the best materials you can switch to is organic cotton, as it’s much better for the environment and the people working with the material. Which leads me nicely to one item that everyone has in their wardrobes: T-shirts. 

Best sustainable t-shirts: street style


Style Stalker 

That’s right—if you want to start anywhere, why not invest in sustainable T-shirts? There are some great, affordable brands that offer chic and well-fitting tees. From the likes of Ninety Percent to People Tree, as well as Stella McCartney there’s a real range of designers to choose from. If some prices seem too steep, then there are high-street brands that have switched to organic cotton. Keep scrolling for my edit of the best sustainable T-shirts. 

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